Dr. Morepen UV Sanitizing Bag


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Dr. Morepen UV Sanitizing Bag kills 99.9% of germs in 5 minutes and sanitizes your daily utility items including electronics, plastic products, mobile, wallet, keys, toys, masks, clothing, groceries, makeup tools, etc., with a lot of ease & precision.

How to Use:
1. One-touch operation system and automatic shut-off after the cleaning cycle is completed.
2. Blue light indicates ongoing UV sterilization.
3. The blue light automatically turns off when the box is opened to protect the eyes from radiation.
4. UV box works on 8 watts of power via USB wire connected to a 5V/2A adapter.

1. UV exposure to human skin and eyes is extremely harmful.
2. Don't use the bag on pets and chemical substances including medicines.
3. Never switch on the device without it being completely closed.
4. Keep away from the reach of kids.
5. Auto shut off safety feature if opened during operation.
6.  Read the label carefully before use.

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