Anti - Tiring Mat

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Anti - Tiring Mat : 

A perfect product for those who stand in one position for a long duration.

Anti-tiring/ Anti Fatigue Mat prevents standing discomfort and tiredness by providing a soft surface to heels.

Anti Fatigue Mat Is Useful In :

  • Kitchens,
  • Receptions,
  • Retail Counters,
  • Standing Desks and
  • Other such similar places which requires standing for long hours. 

Anti Fatigue Mat Key features :

  1. Made up of supreme quality material, the Anti-tiring mat provides a cushioned base to the heels to prevent back, neck and ankle pain. 
  2. Specially designed to relieve fatigue during standing work in offices. 
  3. Relieves the stress on back muscles and reduces pressure on spine. 
  4. Beveled edges to Prevent slipping & tripping. 
  5. Anti-Static Material To Enhance Safety.