Burnol - The Original Burns Cream in 10 grams

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Provides Immediate Relief in "burn injury"An effective 1st Degree "cream for burns"

  1. Prevents Infection
  2. Helps in Quick Healing

Aminacrine HCL 0.1g (Per 100g)

Antimicrobal agent having a topical action for prevention and treatment of infections during treatment of burns.

Cetrimide I.P .0.5G(Per 100g).

Cetrimide has bacterial efficacy against gram positive and gram negative micro-organism and is used as antiseptic in minor cut and abrasion.

Emulsion bases Q.S. to 100 gm

Net wt.10g

Available in: 10g & 20g tubes.

The Original Burns cream from 65 Years. The "best cream for burns".

How To Use :

First apply cold water, then apply Burnol directly under hygienic conditions or smear on sterile dressings for application to the affected part. Seek your doctor's advice if required.